Community Involvement

Community Involvement


Community involvement is patriotic. It means helping others within the community. Morgan Hill School in the northern Texas Hill Country has provided Thanksgiving dinner to hundreds of people in its community, including soldiers from Fort Hood, for nearly 20 years. This event teaches kids the importance of community involvement and having the opportunity to make a difference.

SOP is restoring patriotism by planning educational patriotic events and recreational activities for community involvement. We will all respect one another, regardless of different opinions and beliefs, and stand tall by revitalizing patriotism in our communities and community involvement.

“A characteristic of patriotism is an industrious involvement through allegiance, affection, responsibility, and obligation to help one another and regard other countrymen as family.” (Unknown).

Ways to Help Your Community

There are ways to help your community and the millions of veterans who sacrificed so much. Check out 10 Ways to Support and Honor Veterans which lists ways to help.

Other ways to help your community:

  • Foster the talents and skills of those in your community
  • Expose, and introduce local trade opportunities to next-generation community citizens
  • Volunteer
  • Help people with disabilities
  • Organize volunteer projects within your neighborhood
  • Assist with housing and homelessness
  • Donate clothes, phones, and other items to charity